Lease Agreement Requirements in Texas

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Each state has laws to govern and regulate the relationship between a tenant and a landlord. By signing a lease or rental agreement, a legal contract is formed between the tenant and landlord which binds them to the terms outlined in the document.

Although laws regulating this agreement will vary from state to state, most rental agreements, including those used by Arlington rental property management companies, include the same basic features:

    • Names of parties involved (primarily the tenant and landlord or property owner)
    • Address and description of property
    • Duration of lease commitment
    • Cost of rent (and its monthly due date)
    • Cost of security deposit
    • Procedure for requesting repairs or maintenance
    • Information on pets and requirements surrounding having them in the unit

Texas rental agreements can be different in these ways:

    • Disclosures: An Arlington property management company must disclose information about individuals authorized to act on behalf of the landlord in cases where the landlord fails to satisfy the rights of the tenant by making necessary repairs.
    • Security Deposits: Texas state law does not regulate the amount a landlord may charge for their rental security deposit; however, it does require that deposits must be returned within 30 days of the tenant’s move.
    • Small Claims Lawsuits: For tenants wishing to sue Arlington property management companies in a Justice Court for the return of their deposit, they can do so but must limit the suit amount to $10,000.

Texas law regulates late fees and the time frame in which a tenant must move if he or she has not paid rent. It regulates a tenant’s right to withhold rent, eviction rules, and retaliation situations. There are many laws and regulations surrounding this short document, and you should research these thoroughly to ensure you understand the laws as they apply to your specific rental situation.
For more information on how to navigate through these legal matters, enlist the help of our Specialized team of managers. These experts can guide you on general matters about property management as well as the specific regulations as they apply to an Arlington property management company. Visit

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