Faster Property Leasing Solution

When you own residential rental property, you understand that the longer your unit sits empty, the less your investment is earning you any cash flow.  So the goal is fewer vacancy days and with a faster leasing process. Specialized Property Management is the leading Arlington rental property management company that has the leasing process that can help reduce you property’s vacancy days.


Understanding Rent-Ready

Being rent-ready means from the curb to the inside of your unit everything is ready to show to a perspective tenant. They can walk in and immediately image themselves living in their new home. Property management in Arlington TX knows that showing your rental property and putting up that for rent sign too soon can actually increase your vacancy days.  Get all clean up and repairs finished before you start to advertise your rental property.


Start on the Outside

Be honest with yourself. Do a curbside evaluation of your residential rental property and make note of the detraction to the property that need to be taken care of. Property managers in Arlington TX will take care of yardwork, repair stairs, porches, or balconies. If your property doesn’t have good curbside appeal, you risk getting a bad judgement on the property before anyone even looks at the inside.


Safety and Security

Always have your rental unit re-keyed before new tenants move into your home. In many places there are safety and security laws with specific guidelines for property management in Arlington TX. These regulations can include re-keying a home when a tenant moves out. Laws can also require certain safety detectors like smoke, radon, and carbon monoxide. Also check for any broken window or locks. A good safety tip is also remove any of your personal items from the property to protect your liability.


Finish the Inside

All repair and remodel work should be finished before a unit is ever shown. If painting is needed always paint an entire room, don’t just touch up. And always clean up after the work. Property managers in Arlington TX will have the home professionally cleaned and ready for new tenants to move in without any worries.  It is a good idea to leave utilities on between rentals. A comfortable temperature and good lighting helps a perspective tenant to see themselves in your home without needing any imagination.  Also take the time to check all appliances, furnace, water heater, and air conditioning.

A comfortable feeling in a well-kept and clean house will encourage a fast leasing with applications lining up at your door.

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