Lewisville rental property management


When looking for the best Lewisville rental property management, we have thousands of satisfied clients to speak for us. Lewisville property owners can confidently know, with our track record spanning more than thirty years, that Specialized is the #1 choice for Lewisville property management. Try our services risk-free with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Top-of-the-line Customer Service


We’re in the business of helping potential renters find a comfortable living space to enjoy and of helping property owners ensure their rental space is where tenants choose. We manage everything from your books to your appliance breaks. We plan repairs, screen tenants, address concerns, and keep the rent checks coming in, and we do all of this with integrity. Our clients are ultimately the tenant and the property owner, and with 98% customer satisfaction, you know our philosophy is working. Our Lewisville rental property management values:

  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Honesty and Integrity


Top-of-the-line Value


Specialized Property Management values property owners by giving the best value at no financial risk. Our fee backed by experience and expertise quickly pays for itself through fewer mistakes and faster leasing times. And unlike the mistakes and vacancies that hit your income and schedule at the worst times, our fees are easily budgeted for with zero surprises. You will feel confident in our partnership knowing there are:

  • No up-front costs
  • Never any hidden fees
  • Always clear pricing for your tailored set of services


Top-of-the-line Legal Services


Our Lewisville rental property management makes sure you avoid legal risk. Our in-house legal team provides services that will protect you from costly and time-consuming legal conflict. These services include:

  • Risk mitigation policies
  • Eviction and writ of possession services
  • Lease preparation


Top-of-the-line Financial Services


Our books are completely transparent, meaning you have access to the status of your money at all times. Because our core business values include honesty and integrity, our policies protect property owners. Our partnership offers:


  • Independent  monthly audits
  • Owner 1099 preparation
  • ACH/direct deposits of funds
  • Online rent collection
  • Professional collection services


Our Specialized Property Management team provides expert services in rental property management. Fort Worth property owners can trust our risk-free partnership that will quickly become an investment you can’t live without. We know how to prevent problems, expertly maintain your property, clearly communicate, and provide hassle-free management. Whether you have one rental unit or a multiplex, we can customize our services to meet your needs. Call today and put our team to work for you.