The Specialized Property Management Team Leads the Industry in Fort Worth

Our team consists of seasoned leasing agents, licensed maintenance professionals, experienced accountants, and property managers who have seen it all.  We are committed to meeting your every need. Whether you are looking to delegate some or all of the hassles of managing your investment property, we take the time with you to design a custom plan to fit your need.

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Meet Your Property Management Experts

Charles Thompson
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Mike Jeppson - Vice President of Finance | SPM Team

Michael Jeppson
Vice President of Finance
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Stefanie Mendoza
Director of Operations
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Tony Sims - Director of Client Success | SPM Team

Tony Sims
Director of Client Success – Dallas/Fort Worth / Key Client Manager
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Jon Beaman - Director of Client Success – Dallas/Fort Worth | SPM Team

Jon Beaman
Director of Client Success – Dallas/Fort Worth
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Kim PalmerKim Palmer
Controllerview bio

Tori Langley - Tenant Account Manager | SPM Team

Tori Langley
Resident Account Manager
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Glenda Malone - Operations Manager | SPM Team

Glenda Malone
Operations Manager
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Stephanie Wells - Leasing Coordinator | SPM TeamStephanie Wells
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Jean Petty - Maintenance Support | SPM Team

Jean Petty
Maintenance Support
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Brenda Agurs - Receptionist | Receptionist

Brenda Agurs
Quality Assurance Manager
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Alicia Trujillo - Realtor Receptionist/Maintenance Support | SPM TeamAlicia Trujillo
Maintenance Assistant
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Miled Gonzalez - Leasing Agent | SPM Team

Miled Gonzalez
Leasing Agent
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Sylvia Cantu - Director of Client Success Dallas | SPM Team

Sylvia Cantu
Director of Client Success Dallas/Fort Worth | Real Estate Sales
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Mark LaCount - Maintenance Coordinator | SPM Team

Mark LaCount
Maintenance Coordinator
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Jennifer Potter - Senior Account Executive | SPM Team

Jennifer Potter
Senior Account Executive
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Terry Cottle - Maintenance Coordinator | SPM Team

Terry Cottle
Maintenance Coordinator
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Sales Effectiveness Consultant
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Garrett George
Leasing Agent
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James Gaffney
Maintenance Coordinator
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Michele Baker
Accountantview bio


Jarrod Cook
Director of Client Success – Atlanta
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Ruben Trevino

Ruben Treviño
General Manager – San Antonio
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Maintenance Team

Leasing Team

Accounting Team

Fort Worth property management and leasing

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping rental property owners save time, money and hassles with a more reliable, professional standard of service. We will continue to lead the Fort Worth property management industry with consistently superior customer service and proactive attention throughout the complete rental lifecycle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the reputation of property management to truly professional asset management through deep local expertise combined with predictable, scalable, technology-driven platforms and experienced, dedicated teams that together help property owners run their rental property like a business.

Systematized Property Management