SPM Solution for Preparing Your Rental Property

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Property managers in Ft Worth don’t always realize that the condition of the rental property impacts the leasing decisions of their prospective tenants. A rental home that is under construction or lacks curb appeal can turn away prospective tenants and lead to increased vacancy days.




To avoid excess vacancy days, Specialized Property Management works with owners to ensure their rental property is in ‘rent-ready’ condition before showing or leasing the property. The goal is to have the home completely ready when a prospective tenant walks in so they have no difficulty seeing themselves living in the unit. We do this by:


  1. Offering our ‘Rent-Ready’ checklist as a free download
  2. Assisting with rent-ready preparations including:
    • Property Inspections (inside & outside)
    • Maintenance & Repairs
    • Upgrading or Replacing Appliances as Needed
    • Remodeling
    • Professional Cleaning Services
    • Handyman Services
  3. Training our Fort Worth property management team to review fair market values to help determine fair rent rates for the neighborhood where your home is located.
  4. Aggressively marketing and advertising the rental home, only when it is ready to be shown.




When your rental home is vacant, you may be tempted to show it while under construction to get a tenant moved in as quickly as possible. This line of thinking often increases the number of days the property remains vacant as it scares off potential tenants who cannot picture what the house will look like when the work is finished.


Partnering with our Fort Worth property management team will help you avoid unnecessary vacancy days, quickly complete any maintenance and repairs, and ensure the rent rate is a fair market value. Once the home is ready to be shown, Specialized Property Management offers a proprietary marketing process to find qualified tenants for your rental. Find out why so many owners trust the experienced property managers in Ft. Worth at Specialized Property Management to help them prepare their homes for rent.
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