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Burleson is a small, diverse suburb of Fort Worth, and according to Niche reviews, one of the highest rated places to live in Texas. Not only are residents of Burleson just a 48-minute drive from Dallas, they’re also surrounded by great restaurants, beautiful parks, and other like-minded families and young professionals. Just a quick, 22-minute drive to downtown Fort Worth, Burleson has good schools, a fun downtown scene, and affordable rental rates. Our team at Specialized Fort Worth Property Management in Burleson, TX are local experts on the Fort Worth area, including Burleson. We’ll help you discover what this suburb of Fort Worth has to offer and why it may be the perfect place for your next real estate investment. Already invested? Keep reading to see how our Burleson, TX property managers can help you make the most of your investment and gain the highest profit. 

“Burleson is a sweet little town with both a cozy downtown area and an up-and-coming shopping and dining scene. You can have the feel of living in comfortable suburbs, but with I-35 and the new Chisholm Trail Parkway getting into Ft. Worth is nice and convenient.”  

Niche Review

Top Fun Things to Do in Burleson

You and your family will never run out of things to do in this beautiful city with so many activities available and sights to see from escape rooms to museums, and more. There is truly something for everyone in and around this family-friendly place. Once you’ve invested in the area, a Burleson, TX property managers from Specialized Fort Worth can market your property for you, highlighting all the wonderful aspects of Burleson to reliable applicants. Just some of the main attractions you won’t want to miss out on are: 

  • Twisted Key Escape Room– Can you find the right clues and solve the puzzles to get out in time? 
  • Lost Oak Winery- Amazing wine, fun tours, and live music to enjoy. 
  • Burleson Historical Ghost Tour- Get a spooky look into Burleson’s history. 
  • Movie theater– There’s always something good playing to help entertain you for an evening or a matinee. 
  • Recess Time Indoor Playground– Something for kids of all ages and even adults can join in on the fun! 

Investing in Burleson Property

The reason Burleson is so popular right now among families and young professionals is that it’s truly the perfect location, allowing you to live outside the city while easily being able to go downtown for work or pleasure anytime you please. Browsing sites like Zillow and reaching out to property management in Burleson, TX who can help you narrow down your search for an investment property are great ways to see what’s out there. Recently, Zillow reported data that said the average rents all across the country are at an all-time high of 29.1% of a tenant’s income. Just a couple of decades ago, rent was only 25.8% of a tenant’s monthly income. Some places are higher and some lower, but in the Burleson area, rent matches the national average of about 30% of a tenant’s income. This means that the time to invest is now. 

Rental Rates in Burleson

It can be difficult to decide on a price to charge for rent since rental rates range from city to city and even within one place they can range a lot, depending on things like location, unit quality, and amenities. Let the experts at Specialized Property Management in Burleson, TX be the ones to advise you on what rents are going for, how much tenants are willing to pay, and how your particular property compares. According to RentCafe, in Fort Worth, rental rates range from about $700-$1500 per month, with the average rent rate right at $1,128 per month. The average rent in Burleson is at $1,226, which is lower than the average rental rates in Mansfield, Dallas, and Austin and lower than the average national rental rate. This is another reason why Burleson is an ideal investment location. Not only is it a great spot to live location-wise, but there is also plenty to do and see, and it’s affordable for families and young professionals that want to live there. With the current seller’s market, rise in millennials wanting to rent, Fort Worth job growth, and low interest rates, Burleson is one of the best markets for real estate investment. 

Better Property Management in Burleson, TX  

When thinking about investing in real estate, consider the benefits of hiring a property management company to help you protect and make the most of your investment. With rents rising along both the East and West coast, many people are relocating to the Fort Worth area and looking for affordable homes to rent. But how will you market your property? And how will you know which tenants to trust? Hiring Burleson, TX property managers from Specialized Fort Worth is what you’ll need to ensure that you have a team of professionals ready and willing to help you in all aspects of owning and renting out your property. We’ll help you set a competitive, yet fair, rental rate for tenants, screen them effectively, conduct virtual showings, and more. 

“As a property owner, it is evident that they have my best interest in mind; promptly addressing tenants’ concerns and meeting their and my expectations. Their professionalism as a business and business partner is exceptional.”

Alfonso Flores

Why Choose Specialized Property Management in Burleson, TX 

With Specialized Property Management, you’ll save time, stress, and money. We take care of the daily ins and outs of owning a property and being a landlord so you don’t have to. We provide local insights into market trends and tenant needs to help you purchase the right property. We also know how to prepare your place so it has ‘curb appeal.’ Once we attract a pool of well-qualified applicants, we screen them like no other. You get the best of the best tenants with the highest potential and lowest risk. We collect the rent, take tenant phone calls at 2 a.m. in the morning, and ensure your property gets regular inspections and maintenance. You watch it all from the comfort of your home or office on our 24/7 owner portal where we post pictures, updates, and messages so all you have to do is breathe easy. Our services include: 

Fort Worth Property Management Process
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: To be honest, property managers have a lot of people to keep happy in addition to the landlord. Think about the tenants, the neighborhood, the HOA, the community, and the city, county, state, and federal government just to name a few. We discovered the best way to meet your needs is to meet everyone else’s as well. So we provide excellent customer service to everyone on your contact list so you reap the financial rewards of happy tenants, neighbors, and government agencies.
  • Unsurpassed Experience with Burleson, TX property managers: Specialized Property Management knows property management. Burleson-style property management, however, is perhaps a better way of putting it. We live here and work here too so we know the school districts, the shopping and entertainment options, the public transportation systems, and preferred public spaces. We know the rental markets and study tenant behavior and trends. And we know how to advertise your property to Burleson renters, so they’ll respond.
  • Better Tenant Selection: Not all tenants are created equally. The goal is to find those who have the highest potential to pay with the least amount of concerns about past behavior that may cause problems for you in the future. Our rigorous background check and screening process do the trick.
  • Shorter Vacancies: Don’t panic. We have a plan to shorten the length of vacancies in your rental. We advertise aggressively and strategically, respond quickly to applicants, show your property at convenient times, and streamline the screening process so the most qualified applicant can sign the lease as quickly as possible.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: These two words may seem to contradict each other. Can maintenance ever be cost-effective? If you partner with Specialized Property Management in Burleson, TX, then the answer is yes. We negotiate discounts on parts and labor then pass on the savings to you. That’s one of the many benefits of professional property management. Burleson landlords also appreciate our routine maintenance plans and inspection schedules.

Join the thousands of satisfied property management owners who trust the experts at Specialized Property Management in Burleson, TX. While it is possible to make a profit with your rental properties on your own, you are most likely going to make more of a profit when you have Burleson, TX property managers working for you. Why? These people are experts in the field of real estate and know how to make rental properties perform best. A great property management company that you can rely on is easily the best thing you can have when you invest in real estate. As you begin your research, you’ll see that there are many options out there. Depend on Specialized Property Management, who offer all of the services described above and have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. We can help you with any rental property ownership task. We’re confident that we can help you decrease the stress in your life, save time and money, and increase your passive income. Contact Specialized Property Management today and learn how to get started.

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