Property Management in Fort Worth, TX Looks to Higher Rent Rates in 2016

Fort Worth Property Managers

Specialized Property Management is looking at 2016 as a hot year for the rental market. With 11,000 people moving to North Texas every month, the supply for rental units cannot always keep up with the demand. With this rising demand, Fort Worth property managers can expect higher rent rates for this coming year.

“The rental market is really hot right now,” said Russell Berry, President of the MetroTex Association of Realtors. “Month after month, the places that do have rentals, the prices have been skyrocketing.” A rising demand for rental housing gives Fort Worth property managers the opportunity to fill rental properties quickly and ask higher rent rates. Here are a few ideas for property management in Fort Worth, TX that will help shorten vacancy days for your rental property.

  1. Make sure your property is rent ready, and has curb appeal
  2. Aggressively advertise your property
  3. Paint and remodel before showing property
  4. Finish all repair projects and clean up messes before showing the property
  5. Ensure all safety detectors are in good working order

Specialized is the expert in property management in Fort Worth, TX. They provide all management services for single family rental units and small multiplex units. “With a booming rental market in Fort Worth, Specialized will make sure your rental property investment is professionally managed, and is a profitable venture for the rental property investor,” said Mike Jeppson, Specialized Chief Operating Officer.  For more information about rental property management from the industry leader, contact Specialized. Find more information at (

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