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Property Management Tips – Fall Landscaping

Residents of the Fort Worth area know that fall is a beautiful time of year, but it also carries some landscaping challenges that landlords and property owners may not be prepared for. So, here is a quick to-do list for fall landscaping to help your properties look their best.

1. Cleaning Up Your Landscape

If your property’s lawn has any moss, now is the time to use herbicide to get rid of it. Likewise, property owners or residents should remove any dead leaves or other dead matter on their lawn to keep it looking fresh.

Likewise, you should remove any dead annuals that won’t survive until spring. You could ask your tenant to take in any potted plants they would like to keep next year, but have them make sure to protect the plants against insects before bringing them in.

Finally, pruning shrubs, flowers, and other plant life encourages growth for the next season. However, you should hold off on any massive reshaping projects until the dormant season to avoid damaging your property’s plants.

2. Lawn Maintenance

Autumn might not be the season when your lawn looks its best, but it is a critical season for its health. If you are among the many who wait to deal with fallen leaves until your lawn is covered with them, you should know that doing that invites disease and insects to your property. Instead, experts recommend regular leaf removal throughout the autumn season. Mowing your lawn one last time can also make it more difficult for disease to strike, though you can’t go too short without compromising food production.

Although it doesn’t get as cold in Texas as it might in other places, it’s still important to take care of and prepare your property’s yard for the cooler weather. Fertilizing your lawn can also prepare it for the upcoming winter months. It is advised to aerate your lawn with a garden fork or aerator as well, depending on the size of your property. Otherwise, the soil beneath it can become compressed and make it difficult for important nutrients to reach the roots.

3. Autumn Is A Time for Planting

If your landscaping needs go beyond simple lawn maintenance, there are specific flowers and trees that thrive in the Fort Worth area’s fall conditions. For example, some pansies can survive in below-freezing temperatures and be ready to bloom when spring arrives, while perennials like yellow bells and autumn sage freeze back in the winter months and continue to grow the spring.

Many people assume that spring is the season to plant trees, but in truth, trees benefit from autumn planting because subterranean root growth is expedited during the cooler months. Red Maple trees fare especially well during Fort Worth’s autumn season.

4. Fall Landscaping Chores

Some property owners think that the arrival of fall means that landscaping is no longer a hands-on activity, but nothing could be further from the truth. We recommend watering your property’s trees and other plants before the first freeze, raising their resilience. Regular watering throughout autumn and winter can also help ensure that your property looks great come springtime.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it is! Many property owners choose a property management company to handle property maintenance tasks so that they don’t need to worry about them. Specialized Property Management in Fort Worth knows the area and can address all of your property management needs.

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