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Management Tips for Dealing with Difficult Situations

Ever heard the saying, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised?” Denis Waitley was likely talking about property management in Forth Worth. After 30 years in this business, the team at Specialized has seen it all – the best and worst of rental property management. Here’s your ‘heads up’ guide.

The Best Case Scenario in Ft. Worth Property Management

You rent the property within days of listing it. The renters have a long record of paying their rent on time and nothing in their past that would make you doubt their ability to continue paying. They move in carefully and take impeccable care of the place as if it were their own. They only call between 10 a.m. and noon to request maintenance or repairs. Each month, they pay their rent early and bake cookies for the neighbors to maintain good relations. When their job transfers this little family of three to a new city, they give you 60 days notice and leave the place better than how they found it. Your next tenants, from your waiting list, move in the next week. Cha-ching – your profit margins fatten by the minute.

The Worst Property Management in Fort Worth

Your tenants tear up the lawn with the moving truck and leave half their stuff in the driveway for weeks. Layoffs occur at work the next week, and although they are actively seeking new employment, money’s tight and their first month’s rent payment came in three days late. They apologize profusely, but then wake you up that very night to request immediate maintenance because the air conditioner broke and they have a young baby. You pay double for a repair-person to respond after-hours who later calls you to report they couldn’t even get to the utility room because the door was blocked…with more stuff. At least it’s no longer in the driveway. You question if property management in Fort Worth is really worth it. Managed this way, probably not.

Prepare to Be Surprised

The worst will happen – we have the stories to prove it. Nothing about property management in Fort Worth surprises us at Specialized. But, we have the proven processes and expertise to prevent most of the negative experiences. We are prepared. If you partner with us, you will be too.
Putting the Specialized team to work for you means putting us to work finding and screening reliable tenants, showing and leasing your property, and performing ongoing maintenance. Your tenants call us with every care and concern, not you. It’s the best way to plan for the worst but expect the best – with no surprises. Call our team for a free consultation. Property Management in Fort Worth can be hassle-free and save you money. Ask us how.

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