Real Estate Agents Benefit From Fort Worth Property Managers

Real estate agents help their clients buy and sell homes which means rental properties aren’t usually on their radar. They also know about property trends and home values in various markets and when a certain area’s market is going up or down. For some homeowners, a market that is turning down means renting out their home for a period of time instead of selling right away, which puts real estate agents in a tough position. Sometimes real estate agents will even be asked to manage the property for a period of time. This could mean increased income for real estate agents, but it also means added responsibility in property management-an area that many real estate agents aren’t familiar with. 

When real estate agents partner with property managers in Fort Worth, everyone benefits. Property managers can take over the management and maintenance of the rental property while helping real estate agents earn that extra income. Discover how working with Specialized Fort Worth Property Management can increase your bottom line and decrease your management workload. 

Work With Property Management

Homeowners who weren’t initially planning on renting out their property can easily feel overwhelmed by the idea of maintaining a property, communicating with tenants, complying with regulations, and everything else that property managers in Fort Worth take care of on a daily basis. They may turn to you, their real estate agent, for help-but property management’s not really part of your job description. That’s why Specialized Fort Worth Property Management is so important. 

Our team of experienced professionals make the renting process stress-free. We can take care of everything for you and report on a regular basis whether your client is planning on living close by or moving out-of-state. As trusted property managers in Fort Worth, our team  ensures that every property is secure and well taken care of. All you have to do is tell your client about us. By registering for our realtor referral program, you can earn extra income without the daily workload and liability that comes with managing a property. 

Save Money

Another benefit of relying on Specialized Fort Worth Property Management is that we can help you cut costs. Rental properties often require costs such as advertising, proper tenant screening, getting the home rent-ready, making sure the property complies with codes and regulations, and more. Rather than let that overwhelm you, trust experienced property managers in Fort Worth to make sure you save as much money as possible. We use trusted maintenance vendors, proven advertising techniques and screening processes, and we stay on top of federal and local rental regulations. You can rest assured that trusting us is saving you and your client from a variety of unnecessary expenses.  

Legal Expertise

You don’t have to be a lawyer to know every single law that relates to rental property, but you do have to spend a lot of time studying, staying current, and making sure that you comply with the local and federal rental laws. One wrong move, even if it’s unintentional could cost your client a lot of money. Tenant-landlord laws are complicated and the ins and outs of a lease agreement can be overwhelming. Rather than risk making a mistake and paying for it, trust Specialized Property Managers in Fort Worth. It’s our job to know all of the laws, renter’s rights and guidelines, and codes to help you comply with them. 

Our Services

We’ve mentioned some of what we do at Specialized Property Management, but the list goes on. We understand that it can be difficult to find high quality property managers in Fort Worth, but we pride ourselves on our 98% customer satisfaction rate and our superior service is what sets us apart. When you trust us to help you manage your client’s property, we will provide the following services in an efficient, effective, and professional manner. 

  • INSPECTING: Our team ensures the rental unit is “rent-ready” with curb appeal, making recommendations where necessary.  We also conduct mid-lease inspections to ensure lease compliance and care of the property.
  • MARKETING: We aggressively advertise your client’s rental property across dozens of websites, post an eye-catching sign on the property, and post the vacancy to our high-traffic rentals listing and Youtube channels.
  • SHOWINGS: We prepare and post quality video tours of the property and take care of live showings.
  • SCREENING: We conduct rigorous background checks on all prospective tenants 18 years and older to place the most reliable tenants.
  • SIGNING: We prepare and execute all leasing documents in accordance with Leases & Addenda promulgated by the Texas Association of Realtors.  We secure rents and place deposit funds into escrow, and provide a formal new tenant training on how to care for the property.
  • COLLECTING: We enforce the rent collections cycle with a strict, yet respectful, process that helps avoid late payments.  We then quickly deposit rent funds to your account electronically.
  • MAINTAINING: We respond quickly to tenant needs and emergencies, handling repair requests with our cost-effective team of qualified, insured maintenance professionals.  We also conduct periodic proactive interior and exterior inspections and preventative maintenance.
  • RENEWING: We actively work to retain tenants longer with excellent service and perks like our Resident Club.  As we proactively renew leases, we help you avoid costly turnover.
  • MOVING: When the tenant does move on, we process notices, educate the tenant on the process for a smooth transition, conduct the walk through and manage deposit disbursements.
  • REPORTING: In addition to the 24/7 client portal with on-demand, detailed accounting, activity and maintenance reports, we provide detailed monthly reports and year-end tax statements. During the leasing process, owners receive weekly updates.

Realtor Referral Program

When real estate agents refer their clients to us, we’ll add them to our list of realtors that we refer our clients to as well. The best part is that with each referral, you have the opportunity to earn extra income. Property investors will rely on your advice and experience in finding the best property deals because you are an expert in market trends. As you help your clients, remember that they have a lot of demanding property management responsibilities ahead and take the time to tell them about Specialized Property Management and our list of services. 

Rather than try to do the management yourself and take away from your real estate business, let us do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best. Each time you refer us to your client and they sign a management agreement, we pay you $350 cash. There is no limit on what you can earn and because we are so good at what we do, your name and reputation will be protected. As soon as the property owner is ready to sell and needs a real estate agent, we’ll refer them back to you. If you become one of our recognized partners, we will send other property owners your way when they are ready to sell, helping increase your future business.

The Advantages of Working With Property Managers in Fort Worth

When you team up with Specialized Property Management, you open up a world of opportunity and an entire new market of clients. According to Zillow, there are almost 700 single-family homes for rent in the DFW area. Don’t miss out on the income you could earn when those owners decide to sell. Call us today to learn more about:

  • Landlord services
  • Collecting your referral fee
  • Getting new clients

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management is considered one of the best property management companies in Fort Worth because we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience to help your client’s investment succeed, as well as the technological processes needed to thrive in today’s digital world. In order to avoid any and all mistakes when managing a property, let our team of property managers in Fort Worth be the ones to handle everything. We have proven systems set in place to take care of all of the important aspects of managing your property. 

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“The Specialized Property Management team is a great group of willing workers and try to do the best job possible for everyone they are associated with.”

Nellie L., Owner

We are confident that you won’t regret registering for our real estate agent referral program. We strongly believe that working together benefits everyone involved, including our mutual clients. When you rely on us for your client’s property management needs, you can rest assured that we’ll communicate clearly and professionally with owners and tenants, make sure the property is up to code, take care of maintenance issues efficiently, and more. You’ll no longer have to worry about unnecessary vacancies, high tenant turnover, or local regulations and rental laws when you trust Specialized Property Managers in Fort Worth. Contact us today to learn more about working with us.