Rental Home Inspections and Fort Worth Property Managers

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Rental homes need inspections for a variety of reason at a variety of times. Real estate agents are familiar with home inspections when a property is up for sale. Rental inspections are just a little different and are certainly more time consuming. A property manager in Fort Worth, TX will inspect a rental property at move in and move out. Seasonal inspections are needed for maintenance and property code checks. Here are some inspection guidelines for Fort Worth Property managers.  

Inspections Need to Happen More than Once

Rental property inspections need to be more thorough than the inspection for a home sale. With tenants, rental homes need to follow safety regulations and codes closely. Inspections at the time of move in are important for the liability of both tenant and the property manager in Fort Worth, TX. Seasonal inspections need to be scheduled for regular maintenance checks. Air conditioning units and heating units can be serviced on these inspections so they are ready in the season they are needed. Safety detectors in the home can also be inspected to ensure they are in working order. Scheduled inspections give the tenants opportunities to let management know about repair needs, and these inspections also allow the property manager in Fort Worth, TX to make sure tenants are not breaking any lease agreements.

When is the Best Time to Schedule an Inspection?

A Fort Worth property management company should always be aware of the condition of the rental home, but tenant privacy should also be respected. Inspection schedules can be clearly scheduled at the time of lease signing.

Expectations are understood by both tenant and management. Inspections will give the tenant an assurance that the property will be maintained and cared for. Fort Worth property managers can also conduct simple drive by inspections that are not officially scheduled with the tenant and doesn’t disturb their privacy. These inspections let you see if the property still has curb appeal, and if lease conditions are being followed such as a no pet policy.

Handling the Move In and Out Inspection

The move in and move out inspections need to involve both the tenant and the Fort Worth property management team. With the move in inspection, any damage or needed repairs are documented. The same is true of the move out inspection. This will help avoid any confusion about what is the tenant’s or management’s responsibility.

Inspections are an important part of responsible property management in Fort Worth, TX.  They are also a time consuming job for management. Specialized is trained and ready to help you with your rental inspection needs.

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