North Richland Hills Property Management Guide To Getting Tenants Fast

As Richland Hills Property Managers you know that an empty home means an empty pocketbook. Remembering these simple steps will help you find and keep tenants quickly, cutting your vacancies short and generating consistent income.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

While teachers say not to judge a book by its cover, Property Managers in Richland Hills TX know that first impressions happen fast and are difficult to change. You will be fighting an uphill battle if potential renters pull up to the house and make a negative assessment about your property before even entering the home. With Richland Hills Property Management keeping the grounds and home exterior well groomed and clean, your property will invite people in instead of leaving them questioning “what else might be in disrepair.”


Safety and Security Matter to Your Tenants

Knowing that a top priority of your renters is feeling safe and secure, Richland Hills Property Managers can inform tenants of the measures they’ve taken to ensure safety by re-keying all rental properties before the new tenant moves in and installing working smoke detectors adequately throughout the house. These steps are required by Texas law. Any opportunity you have to focus on the security of the property and the area will really bring comfort to renters and ultimately will act as a valuable selling point.


Maintenance Delays Make Cash Flow Delays

Best practices for Property Management in Richland Hills TX includes being prepared to hand over the keys as soon as the paperwork is signed. Any delay in move-in because of incomplete repairs causes a loss of income. A property that is ready for immediate living allows tenants to envision themselves in the home, inviting them to create an emotional attachment with your unit.


Don’t Forget the Details

Even though a home is vacant, regular maintenance and cleaning is still needed. This is your opportunity to evaluate large and small property needs, paying close attention to easily overlooked cobwebs or fingerprints that your renters are sure to catch. Property Managers in Richland Hills TX can take advantage of the downtime between tenants to complete major repairs that might otherwise be disruptive during a tenant’s residence.

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