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As a residential rental property owner, you likely fall into two categories:

  1. Trying to make investment income from the property
  2. Working toward breaking even, or losing less on a home that cannot be sold for what is owed.

Whichever category describes your situation, the thought of hiring a professional rental property management company in Fort Worth may seem like working against the goal of making, saving, or losing less money.


Our Specialized Property Management team pays for itself by minimizing vacancy days, maximizing rents, and helping you avoid costly mistakes. Our services are often tax deductible. While management fees may range from company to company, choosing a property management company in Fort Worth based solely on price is a mistake. It may seem that discounted companies are saving you money up front, but when you consider the additional amounts lost on longer vacancy periods, poorly screened tenants, procrastinated maintenance, and code violations, choosing a company with proven processes and results pays for itself.

Here are five ways Specialized helps you get the biggest return from your investment:

Minimizing Vacancies

When your rental property is vacant, every day costs you money. Our team of local and knowledgeable property managers sets the rent at a marketable rate and utilizes an aggressive marketing strategy to rent the home faster. Our thorough screening and leasing process ensure we place the right tenants in your unit to reduce the chance of nonpayment or eviction. Our responsive maintenance team helps keep tenants happy, so they are less likely to move when the lease period is up, thus avoiding high tenant turnover and more vacancy days.

Specialized Screening Process

With tenant evictions at an all time high, placing the wrong tenant could on average cost you 4 to 6 times the monthly rent rate. If an eviction is necessary, average losses can accumulate to $4,950 on a $1,000/month rental. To avoid these financial risks, Specialized Property Management performs a meticulous background screening process that includes credit, employment, rental history, criminal and terrorist checks.

While these situations can be stressful, our experience, knowledge, and local expertise can help you avoid any legal pitfalls and get the best possible outcome. We recognize that time is money in the rental property industry, and designed our streamlined, automated system to follow all laws and codes thus getting you the best possible outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Proactive Maintenance

Being proactive with maintenance and responding quickly to tenant maintenance requests shows tenants that you care about the property, and will likely result in their caring for your rental as well— another way to keep maintenance costs down. Rental property owners should expect to spend 1 to 2 times the monthly rent per year on maintaining the property to avoid high tenant turnover and longer vacancy periods. Through our network of partners, Specialized Property Management pays less for maintenance materials and passes those savings onto our property owners.

Avoiding Risk

Our professional property management company in Fort Worth helps you avoid the risk of hefty fines for violating the tenant/landlord relationship. Our expertise in local laws, rules, and regulations  helps you avoid property code violations, HOA violations and lawsuits, and stay in compliance with regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

A Penny Saved…

When it comes to choosing a professional property management company in Fort Worth, don’t step over dollars to save dimes! By relying on our professional management team, you will get a better return on your investment and peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands.

Put our team, experience and ethics to work for you! Call (817) 732-1394