Storm Cleanup Tips for Rental Property Management, Fort Worth, TX

Tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters that make their way through Fort Worth can leave your property a mess. What do you need to know about storm cleanup? It isn’t as easy as everyday landscaping. Follow these special tips when you’re attempting to clean up after a storm.

Assess the Damage

The top firms for rental property management, Fort Worth, TX, recommend taking a moment to assess the damage. You may need to take pictures for your home insurance if you plan on submitting a claim and take inventory of the things that were broken; this will also allow you to determine potential hazards you may encounter during clean up.

Use Caution

Storms often cause tree limbs to break, fall on roofs, or get stuck in the tree precariously. Use caution when clearing away these limbs, particularly if you are using a saw, to avoid additional liability in rental property management, Fort Worth, TX. The same goes for things like bushes with thorns or anything stuck in a way where it might fall when moved.

Check Landscaping Drainage

Your yard drainage system may have been affected by the storm, particularly if there was heavy flooding. Replace any mulch that was washed away so your yard can drain properly when the next storm comes.

Handle Standing Water Carefully

In Fort Worth, particularly in the summer, standing water can be dangerous. It is exactly the right place for mosquitoes who carry diseases like ZIKA and West Nile Virus to lay eggs. It needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, but make sure you handle it properly. Standing water can contain deadly bacteria and sewage. Use rubber gloves and do not expose open cuts or sores to the water. Always wash your hands after handling standing water.

Call Today for Professional Rental Property Management, Fort Worth, TX,

A bad storm can leave any property owner in a bind. With clean up to your own home if you live nearby, plus clean up on your rental you could be dealing with the storm aftermath for weeks if not longer. Leave the hassle of managing your rental property to professionals. A rental property management company will get the job done efficiently so you and your tenants’ lives will be back to normal in no time. For a free rental consultation call Specialized Property Management Fort Worth today!

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