Summer Property Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance beats reactive maintenance any day. Small, consistent investments in maintaining the quality of your property will save you time and money. You can avoid the headaches surrounding unexpected fixes by following this summer maintenance guide from rental property management in Fort Worth TX.

Plant Growth

While small weeds and tree shoots may look harmless initially, the damage caused by their roots is pricey. During summer months, Fort Worth real estate management plan regular property walk-throughs to ensure growth is not occurring beneath concrete surfaces. Fort Worth rental management knows the importance of avoiding pavement fixes and resurfacing due to overgrowth. Also, watch for growth encroaching on walls or houses of others’ properties, or near by AC units or power lines. Overgrowth of this kind can prove annoying at best and hazardous at worse. Keeping your landscaping in check is an important part of your summer task list.

Air Conditioner and Electrical Units

Replacing AC filters monthly is a good standard practice; however, if your tenants do not keep up on monthly replacements, rental property management in Fort Worth ensures that unit filters are fresh before and after the summer heat. This step is vital to increasing the life of your systems. Replacing filters as well as getting in your annual servicing of the unit before the brutal heat of the summer hits will keep your tenants happy and your pocketbooks fuller by avoiding early system failures. And in addition to your AC units, quickly checking other electrical features for damage will help you avoid fire hazards.


Insects can be an issue for any rental. Fort Worth rental management takes precautions to curb the problem before it becomes a full-fledged infestation. During summer months Fort Worth real estate management will repair property windows and screens. Tears in screens or gaps in frames can allow for bugs to invade the property. Making these small repairs upfront will help you avoid the issue altogether. Regular pest control extermination can also prevent long-term pest problems and keep tenants happy.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way as an investment to avoid larger, long-term problems. Before you begin your summer fun, follow these few tips for preventative summer maintenance. Fort Worth rental management knows that one of the best ways to avoid middle-of-the-night calls and tenant and management frustrations is by being a proactive landlord. Schedule a quick inspection today.

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