Texas Courts Will Not Let you off Easy

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Landlords Beware: Texas Courts Will Not Let you off Easy

After three decades offering the best of Ft. Worth property management, Specialized has seen it all – including landlords taken to court for not taking fast enough or the correct action on health and safety issues with their properties. The plea of “I didn’t know” never sits well with the judges, yet this continues to be one of the biggest myths of rental property management. Here are three truths to replace it.

  • The Truth to Handling Maintenance Requests

Handling tenant maintenance requests is far more important than simply answering their calls and sending reputable companies over to make the repairs only when funds allow. Texas courts are plagued with Ft. Worth property management litigation between tenants and landlords regarding maintenance issues gone awry.

  • The Truth About Zero Tolerance in the Courts

If landlords do not follow the specific laws about the process of communication with the tenant and take the right steps to ensure those working on the property have proper licensing and insurance, then tenants have a case to take landlords to courts, which favor error by landlords with zero tolerance.

  • The Truth of About Protecting Yourself

Partnering with a well-qualified Fort Worth property management company to protect yourself is always a financially sound idea, but not all property management companies are created equal. They are as different as their names. So the services they offer differ as well. Compare experience, team size, and specialties, and number of services – not just monthly fees.

Legal compliance mandated by Texas Property Code, local city ordinances, and Federal Landlord Laws is very stringent, which is why landlords need a knowledgeable Fort Worth property management company such as Specialized that dedicates considerable time and effort to staying current with requirements. Our in-house legal support is one of our specialties. Call today to learn how we face the facts on your behalf.

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