The Lease Agreement

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Property managers in Arlington, TX use the lease agreement to protect both themselves and their tenants. It is an important binding document detailing the exchange of money for the temporary use of property. Beyond this simplification of the agreement, the specifics can become much more complicated and can include topics like pets, late fees, repairs, or even whether or not a tenant can put nails in the wall. Although most rental agreements are relatively standard, Arlington property management companies have experienced enough in the world to know that renters come with their unique personalities and situations. Sometimes agreements need to be tailored. Through good communication and respect, property managers and tenants can work through the details of any circumstance to make the agreement to fit individual needs.

After the signatures are in place in a lease agreement, Texas law outlines three basic ways property managers in Arlington, TX can terminate the agreement.

The Lease Expires

Most lease agreements are established with an expiration date. At the conclusion of the agreed upon time, a landlord may invite a tenant to renew a lease, but renewal is entirely voluntary, and the original lease is no longer in effect. This is the easiest way to terminate a lease.

All Parties Agree to End

A tenant’s or property owner’s situation may change over time, and this unpredictable nature of life’s circumstances may lead to a party needing to terminate the lease before its formal expiration. Arlington property management companies are required by state law to release a tenant from obligations in the lease agreement when a protective order is issued because of domestic violence, and a tenant needs to move for safety reasons. A tenant called to active military duty is also released from agreement obligations if he or she gives a 30-day notice of cancellation. The original lease agreement should detail the terms in which a tenant may request an early cancellation for any other reason. Clearly defined terms and good communication are the keys to ensuring this process also remains respectful.

One Or More Parties Void the Terms

A violated lease is the most difficult situation in which an agreement ends. When terms of the agreement are violated by either the tenant, the property managers in Arlington, TX, or both, the agreement can become void. This is typically the most unpleasant reason for ending a lease agreement. An example of a void lease could happen if a property manager fails to abide Texas state codes requiring a property be maintained to a certain health and safety level. If tenants fail to pay rent or repeatedly break policies, Arlington property management companies can evict a tenant prior to the lease’s expiration date.

Even if a void lease is inevitable, to prevent the situation from becoming an unfriendly headache, try to apply some of these principles preemptively:

    • Communicate clearly and repeatedly in writing
    • Be respectful and courteous, even if the other party is not
    • Document everything
    • Ensure the lease is void before pressing the issue   

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