The Real Profit Equation

Fort Worth property management


Let’s talk money. We know you want to spend the least amount possible for the greatest gain on your rental property. That’s smart.






If only Fort Worth property management were that simple. After a few decades of experience, however, we’ve learned that the real equation looks a little more like this.






Yes, It is more complicated than we all originally thought before getting into this business, but the good news is we’ve got this figured out for you and know how to execute this equation to increase your profit. It’s what we do every day, as trusted property managers, Fort Worth to Orlando and everywhere in-between. Here’s how we do it.



Save on Parts and Service

You likely spend about twice the monthly rent on maintenance each year (or say goodbye to long-term tenants and hello to long-term vacancies.) It’s an inevitable part of owning a rental. However, the cost of this maintenance is not inevitable. As a nationwide chain, we have a network of contacts and negotiated discounts. Our goal is to pass on those savings to you.


Fill Vacancies Faster

Secondly, when your property does become vacant, the faster you find newly qualified tenants, the more you reduce your costs. Our aggressive marketing strategy, responsive showings, and a streamlined leasing process are all at your service. This increases your profit by reducing the cost of vacancies.



Avoid Legal Risk

Ask any landlord who learned the hard way: fines for violations relating to tenant/landlord relationships can be hefty, not to mention property code violations and potential lawsuits. Specialized Property Management helps you steer clear of these risks with a dedicated Fort Worth property management team. We stay up on the applicable rules and regulations and help you take proactive steps to stay in compliance. This protects your profit long-term.


Thoroughly Screen Applicants

Our thorough background checks and tenant screening processes help you avoid the risk of placing a tenant who is not prepared to rent or well-matched with your property. It could cost you approximately $4950 per $1,000/month rental if you evict a non-compliant tenant.





Cash flow refers to the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business. The more stable this is – meaning you can count on the amount of money coming in and going out – the more confident you will be in your current and future profits. Everything your Specialized team does for you helps take the guesswork out of owning a rental property. We can provide you the most stability available in the industry today.
Erase the complication and simply enjoy the profit. Hundreds of happy rental property owners will tell you from first-hand experience; this is the true equation for Fort Worth property management:




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