There is More than one Way to Manage a Rental Property

Fort Worth rental property management

Myth Buster: There is More than one Way to Manage a Rental Property

Myths abound in the Fort Worth rental property management industry. Two we would like to stop in their tracks are that property management is simple and that anyone can do it.

TRUTH #1: Property Management is Complicated

We wish it were simple, but the fact is that most homes stay on the market for 52 days or longer before rented. We cut vacancies down to 30 days or less because we do extensive background checks and debt-to-income ratio analysis on applicants, so you get the most qualified tenant possible. We do a full property assessment and market the home on more than 90+ sites including MLS. We also manage all property showings, lease signings, and collection of funds. It’s a full-time job. So if you already have one, consider hiring the experts at Specialized.

TRUTH #2:  Every Property Management Company is Different

Not all Fort Worth rental property management companies offer the same services, so if you look at just cost and go with the cheapest, you may be losing money in the long-run with poor service and protection. You truly do get what you pay for with property management services. Most companies hire a handful of individuals and ask them to cover a wide variety of tasks including marketing, leasing, maintenance, evictions, accounting, inspections, and legal compliance. Just ask yourself. Could you be an expert at all of these simultaneously? It’s not likely that they can either.

The fact is that you need professionals for your rental property management. Fort Worth homeowners who hire Specialized after working with another property management company immediately see the difference. We utilize a team of specialists, each of whom completes 1 or 2 tasks for your home, so you receive the best possible outcome in every situation. This is a complicated business, but after three decades of it, we have learned a lot. Call today to put our experience and professional expertise to work for you.

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