Top Property Management Company in Fort Worth, TX Gives Spring Maintenance Tips

Specialized Specialized Property Management gives Fort Worth property managers spring maintenance ideas. These tips help managers keep properties in compliance with rental codes, and helps landlords maintain the value of their properties.

According to Mike Jeppson, Specialized Chief Operating Officer, “Regular inspections of rental property are an important part of keeping properties safe for tenants. Needed repairs can be proactively taken care of and routine maintenance can prevent future problems.”  

The company suggests Fort Worth property managers follow these guidelines when conducting their Spring inspections:

–Heating and Cooling Equipment Checks

Make sure that air conditioning systems are ready for the coming warm weather. Filters need to be replaced, ventilation systems checked, and any build up on fans and forced airways cleaned out.

–Seasonally Scheduled Property Inspection

Completely inspecting the inside and outside of the property lets you see what repairs are needed. Smoke and other detectors should have fresh batteries installed.

–Landscape Maintenance

Pruning trees and shrubs along with seasonal lawn care will keep the curb appearance of the property.

“Many of our clients aren’t able to keep up with all the details of managing their property,” says Jeppson. “Specialized offers full service property management in Fort Worth, TX and keeps the little details from hurting your cashflow.” Taking care of all the details involved in the rental process with seasonal inspections allows for a better renting experience for both landlord and tenant.

Specialized offers expert property management in Fort Worth, TX that covers all leasing services, including advertising, leasing, maintenance, rent collect. For a comprehensive list of all services offered visit ( With their proven process, vacancy days are shortened and your property is a profitable investment.

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