Understanding Reasonable Accommodations Under Fair Housing

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Property managers in Fort Worth, TX who don’t understand Fair Housing laws run the risk of sooner than later violating the law, having to pay fines, or going to court. People with disabilities are covered under Fair Housing laws outlined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Here are a few things you should know when leasing to a someone with a disability and understand what Reasonable Accommodations can mean for your property management in Fort Worth, TX.

Who Qualifies as a Person with a Disability?

A person is considered disabled when he or she has a significant mental or physical condition that substantially limits that person’s ability to participate in major life activities that are important to daily life. You may or may not immediately recognize the disability.  The disability may be obvious such as someone who is blind or deaf. But some disabilities are more hidden like heart disease or epilepsy. Refusing to lease to a disabled person because of their disability or refusing reasonable accommodations is considered discrimination under the law.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

A resident in your rental unit can request you make a change in a policy to accommodate their specific need. This is a reasonable accommodation under fair housing rules. The accommodation should not put undue hardship on the landlord. Property management in Fort Worth, TX needs to be careful, however, about offering accommodations before they are requested. Even if you think an offer for accommodations is a sign of being a caring property manager, a tenant may feel your premature offer is a sign of discrimination. Policy changes can be anything from parking rules and rent collecting procedures to pet policies when a service animal is involved.

How can Professional Property Managers in Fort Worth, TX Help You?

Some fair housing situations are straightforward. But the laws and regulations also have clauses or very particular details that can cause landlords to break the law unknowingly.  Legal mistakes made by property managers in Fort Worth, TX can mean hefty penalties and fines. So to make sure your property investing is stress-free, partner with Specialized Specialized Property Management and avoid the mistakes.

Our professional experience combines caring management that knows the laws and helps you avoid costly managing mistakes. We can help you with reasonable accommodations for tenants, prepare lease agreements, and manage your property with efficiency and integrity. Our experienced team is ready to go to work for you.

Visit (www.specializedrpm.com) and learn more about our full range of services for all your needs with property management in Fort Worth, TX.

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