We Specialize in Uptown Property Management

Uptown property management


Uptown property management companies vary in quality and cost of service. When considering partnering with a company providing property managers, Uptown property owners take risk when enlisting help from a low-quality team. Not only is Specialized backed by 30 years experience with an overwhelming 98% positive customer rating, but our team is risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that you’ll find our services are the investment you can’t live without.


Property Care with Respect

We work hard and will earn your trust in our Uptown property management with:


  • Proactive maintenance work. Our regular inspections resolve maintenance issues before they become costly repairs. And we provide access to management for both owners and tenant with a 24/7 hotline to report problems the minute they happen.
  • Guaranteed leasing. Our proprietary leasing system offers marketing strategies that fill your vacancy within 29 days guaranteed.
  • Ease of property showing. Our online tours and expert onsite leasing agents provide both owners and prospective tenants the ease of viewing any property anytime with internet access.
  • Quality lease agreements. Our in-house legal team prepares this protective document ensuring all documentation is in line to meet and protect everyone’s needs, follows state and federal regulations, and clearly communicates policies regarding the rental unit.


Tenant Care with Respect

Your tenants will also have confidence in the expert services provided by our Specialized Property Management property managers. Uptown will become home to your tenants— and they’ll want to be here to stay. We earn this relationship through:


  • Rent collection with ease. Online payment options are simple to navigate and respectfully manage rent policies and due dates.
  • Quick response times. Our 24/7 hotline provides tenants with access to a live person for all property emergency maintenance needs.
  • Regular renewals. Our respectful care and expert Uptown property management team keeps tenants happy making tenant-retention high.
  • Slick transitions. Moving in or out is a smooth process with walk-through inspections and deposit refunds.


Owner Care with Respect

Investors trust the professional care of Specialized Property Management. Uptown property owners, quickly see the value of our services, and trust the integrity we show while providing them:


  • Accessibility with our 24/7 live person Hotline. Like tenants, property owners can reach a live person 24/7 to address concerns.
  • Secure online owner portal. Owners have access to financial, maintenance, and leasing reports anytime with internet access.
  • Reliable financial services. Our direct deposit options and year-end document preparation provide the transparency that shows our work ethic and integrity.


Specialized Property Management provides the best services for property management Uptown has to offer. Our 98% customer satisfaction rating makes us the partner you can trust. Call today to find out how we can start working towards your property investment success.