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Property owners know that the longer a rental home sits vacant, the more money it costs investors. Too often, investors who work with inexperienced Fort Worth property management companies add to their vacancy days and decrease their cash flow without the proper tools, technologies, and resources to get their units rented quicker.  


As the leading Ft. Worth property management company, we offer ten simple ways to streamline the leasing process and get your property rented quicker to more qualified tenants. Our efficient system includes:

  • Working with the homeowner, Specialized Property Management gets the home in rent-ready condition. This process includes re-keying, cleaning, and performing any needed maintenance, repairs or remodels.
  • Performing market analyzation will help owners set an appropriate rent rate.
  • Advertising the home aggressively across many websites and local outlets attracts more qualified tenants.
  • Trained leasing agents quickly respond to questions from prospective tenants.
  • Schedule showings with our experienced and professional leasing agents
  • Collecting applications from as many potential tenants as possible
  • Perform our thorough screening process for each application received to find more qualified tenants who stay put longer
  • Working with our clients to select the most qualified tenant
  • Managing the lease signing and move-in process
  • Providing unsurpassed levels of customer service to both owner clients and potential tenants


Finding the right tenant in the right amount of time is critical to being successful in the Ft. Worth property management industry. With nearly three decades of experience doing just that, Specialized Property Management is the property management company that more Fort Worth rental owners rely on to help lease their properties quickly and efficiently to tenants that stay. Our proven processes save time, money, and headache while helping you get the best return on your investment. To find the right tenant for your rental quickly-call our experienced Ft. Worth property management team today!

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