What do Professional Arlington Property Managers really do?

There is more to managing rental property than just putting a for rent sign on the front of your unit and collecting rent immediately. Here are some tips for Arlington property managers to help ensure you rent to good tenants and have fewer vacancy days. Arlington rental property management does much to help your cash flow from rentals keep coming.

Pre-screening tenants

In your excitement to have your property rented, you may be tempted to let the first interested person that answers your ad sign that lease. But wait! What do you really know about this person who wants to occupy your unit. A professional Arlington property management company will take the time to screen each potential tenant carefully.  They know what to look for and to look for it.  Background checks can determine any criminal behavior in a person’s past. There are even background checks for potential terrorist activities. Ask for references from employers and former landlords. References are more accurate if they come from more than just family and friends.  Income of a potential tenant should be at least three times more than then unit rental cost. So be sure to check the income of the rental applicant.

Be legally wise

Do you know all the laws related to leasing and renting property? Lawyer fees are high. One legal issue against an Arlington property management mistake can completely drain your cash reserves.  A professional Arlington property management company knows and how to properly comply with those laws to help you avoid legal risks that will cost you money.  You need to understand fair housing rules and make sure you are not discriminating against race, religion, service animals other protected groups.

Rent Collection Process

Rent collecting is the ultimate goal of owning rental property. The rent collecting process can be made easier and more regular with an experienced Arlington property management company on your side. Online payment options and online tenant portals giving access to 24 hour a day, 7 days a week to tenants makes payment on time easier. When a tenant moves in, a clear understanding of a firm but fair payment policy helps to avoid confusion and keeps the process professional and not personal.

With the expectation to be available at any time any day, Arlington rental property management can be a very stressful experience. The Arlington property management job can be made easier for you when you partner with an experienced and professional management company.  You are protected legally, prepare your property more efficiently, and get that cash flow started as soon as possible.

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