Property managers in Fort Worth, TX

What Property Management in Fort Worth Costs You?

As a real estate agent you have a good handle on the business of buying and selling property. It may seem like the natural move to include property management in Fort Worth, TX to your work experience, with the hope that it will add some extra income. Property managers in Fort Worth, TX know that the amount of work, and time given to managing property may add up to more than what was originally estimated, and it might not add up in income to compensate for that time and effort.

Signing the Lease isn’t the Beginning

Agents get to know their area and can tell real estate investors where the great investing deals are. An agent is able to help investors know where the market trends are going and see the investment opportunities as they come up. Once a property is purchased, the process of finding a qualified renter begins. Things like making sure there is a lock box installed, updating the MLS listing, and getting a market rental value are just the beginning. The property needs to be ready for renting with repairs completed and rental code compliance. Then advertising, showing the property, screening applicants, and preparing the lease need to happen before you have a tenant. A property management company in Fort Worth, TX does so much more than just collect the rent.

What is the Value of Your Time?

We know that different work will produce more income than others. Juggling the responsibilities of being a real estate agent and those of property management in Fort Worth, TX can be more than time consuming. Property management can be a 24 hour a day job, 7 days a week. If you start missing real estate appointments because of management demands, you can calculate your income per hour for both jobs and the results may surprise you. For the time you spend on property management responsibilities, you may not be earning the extra income you had hoped to see.

The Value of a Professional Partner

The daily needs of property management isn’t the exciting side of the real estate world.  With rental property investing, you are dealing with the personal lives of tenants and their belongings. Partnering with professional property managers in Fort Worth, TX is the business decision that makes sense for rentals when already functioning as a real estate agent.

The Right Partner

Specialized Property Management is the property management company in Fort Worth, TX that has referral benefits for real estate agents. We offer commissions for your referrals and return sales referrals to you when the rental property is ready to go up for sale. When you refer rental property investors to us, you finally can see that extra income you were looking for -without all the stress of managing. That’s a cost effective business decision.