What Rights do Texas Tenants Have?

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As an Arlington rental property management company, knowing the laws and rights that protect tenants is crucial to avoid being in violation of these laws. Without careful adherence, a landlord might find him or herself legally unable to collect rent, facing heavy fines, or tied up in lawsuits within the court system. Arlington rental property management companies can provide expert support and training to protect you from these unwanted repercussions. Among others, here are some of the topics we can provide counsel on:

  • Landlords must provide a healthy and safe place to live.

SB 1448, effective January 1, 2010, legally obligates landlords to resolve conditions on the property that negatively affect a tenant’s safety or health, and authorize justices of the peace to enforce this measure. This means that a tenant can get a repair order directly from the court without needing to involve an attorney.

  • At the landlord’s expense, basic security must be provided.

Although Texas law permits some specific exceptions, an Arlington property management company must ensure security devices such as window latches, keyed deadbolt locks on exterior doors, and reasonable locks and protections on sliding doors.

  • Landlords must respect a tenant’s right to live in peace.

The law provides tenants what it refers to as the right to “quiet enjoyment.” Arlington rental property management companies cannot evict a tenant without proper cause. Interruption of the rental agreement terms by the landlord gives the tenant cause for legal action.

Landlords must be careful to fulfill all terms of the rental agreement and respect basic protections for a safe and healthy living environment. If a landlord is found in violation of a tenant’s rights, the tenant can take action to correct the violation (ex: initiate a repair if a landlord refuses or delays) and then subtract the cost of the action from their rent. The tenant can also involve the law and initiate a fine for the violation, or a formal lawsuit may be filed within the courts. You may think that because you own a property that your rights are more important. Your tenant even has legal protection from your entering your property without notice after it is leased. Ultimately, landlords should rely on their Arlington property management company to ensure they are always within the bounds of the law to avoid any of these unwanted repercussions.

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