What Security Devices are Required For Texas Rental Units?

Arlington property managers

Arlington property managers must carefully navigate the lock laws of Texas to ensure their rental properties are up to code. Owners that fail to comply with codes surrounding security devices essentially void lease agreements giving tenants the legal ability to walk away from a property. Also, if a break-in occurs on an unsecured property, the landlord may be liable for stolen or damaged belongings. So, it is important to follow the requirements for security devices in Texas rental units. Purchasing and installing the proper security devices for your units will cost pennies in comparison to the cost of unplanned vacancies or fighting legal action.

Each state may have different lock laws, and so knowing what regulations apply to your properties in various locations is vital to ensuring you are always following the law and keeping your tenants safe and secure. Here are some of the requirements for security devices specifically for Texas rental units:

  • Exterior Door Keyless Bolt— According to Texas Property Code, Section 92, Subchapter D, all exterior doors must have a keyless locking device. Doors that lead to and from the garage and house are considered exterior doors. Doors should also have a doorknob lock.
  • Re-key Doors when Tenants Leave— Within seven days of changing tenants, your unit must be re-keyed. Arlington property managers are responsible for covering the costs of rekeying all exterior doors. According to Texas law, it is illegal to pass the expense of re-keying locks onto a tenant, even if the tenant agrees.
  • Exterior Door Viewer— All exterior doors must have a peephole or door viewer allowing an occupant to see outside before opening the door. Doors with glass windows in or beside the door are an exception.
  • Exterior Sliding Door Locks— Sliding doors must have a pin lock and either a lock on the handle or a bar securing the door from opening.
  • Exterior Window Locks— All exterior windows need a latch, and all exterior doors must have a doorknob lock or keyed dead bolt.

There are exceptions to the rules in section 92.153, but Arlington property management companies will be held responsible for not following all the regulations with exactness. Ignorance is not a legal defense, in this case, so know the law and follow it. Our experts at Specialized can guide you through the difficult and complicated intricacies of national and local regulations for securing your units. Give the best Arlington property managers a call today. You can find more information at www.specializedrpm.com

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