Why Renting is Popular

Renting is becoming more and more popular, especially in the demographics of those between the ages of 18 and 35. Recently a thousand renters in this age bracket were surveyed to find out the top reasons why renting is the lifestyle of choice for them. Understanding the minds of these renter can help Fort Worth property managers attract these renters to their units and keep them happy in long term rental contracts.

Not So Handyman Gets Maintenance Help

A top reason for someone to choose renting a home over purchasing is the ability to call maintenance. When you don’t have the skills yourself to fix problems around the house, constantly calling someone to come do the work for you can get very expense. When asked about maintenance, any renter feel less pressure about worrying about serious repairs on things like furnaces, appliances, water heaters. It is simply easier to make a simple call and let your Fort Worth property management company take care of the problems. Specialized has the resources for group discounts for maintenance supplies and equipment. So tenant and property owners both win when a repair is needed.  Regular inspections helps keep an eye on potential problems before they turn into a bigger headache with bad timing.


Renting means less commitment where you have to stay. Fort Worth property management can decide lease options. Renters can choose to follow job options with less worry about leaving behind real estate if a relocation is necessary.  Relationships, neighborhoods, pets, are all life changes that may mean a new location is needed. Renting gives that freedom. And many of these renters that were surveyed didn’t think that their renting status would change anytime soon even though most did not grow up in a rental situation.

Money and Convenience

One of the top reasons given by renters for choosing to rent over signing a mortgage is the bottom line cost is generally cheaper. Even though renter know they aren’t building equity with property ownership, rent can be less expensive overall than a mortgage payment. That can leave more money in the bank for important things like food and utilities.

Fort Worth property managers can be assured that the population of renters is not declining. People are always going to be looking for that perfect home in just the right neighborhood where they can put down some roots at least for awhile. Investment rental property owners will be there to help them move in.

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